We got home from the Hospital a few days before Easter.  So we decided to decorate eggs and have some fun.  Then Easter morning Jason and the big kids went to church with P and I stayed home to rest.  But we all made our first outing to my parents for Easter dinner.  
It was a great first Easter as a family of 5!


Introducing Presley Lynn

March 30th we got to meet our baby girl.  Knowing this was going to be our last and keeping the gender of the baby a secret has been fun for us!  It was so fun hearing her come out and having the announcement that "its a girl"!  The family was so excited to meet our girl and find out her name!  

My last bumpie ever, 39 weeks 1 day

Love this picture and B's hand
 Getting ready for surgery.  A shot for the road! :-) 
(it's actually gross, but helps so you don't puke during surgery)
 It's a GIRL!

Waiting patiently to see her!
 Getting weighed and measured
 Holding our sweet girl for the first time!

 She loved having her hair washed!

 Meeting B and H for the first time!
 We had an amazing day nurse!  She let the kids help give baby sister her first check up

 The kids brought the baby and birthday cake, froggy, and we sang happy birthday to her.
 He was smitten immediately
 And she has a "real doll" to love on!

 Letting me get some "sleep" .  I watched them and then the nurse took me for 
a "walk" at 2 in the morning!  So much for sleeping.

 All that blond hair!


March Madness

The beginning of March was pretty uneventful.  As I was reaching the end of my pregnancy and the kids decided to get sick, we didn't have a lot of motivation to do much.  But the kids got better and we got to meet the newest and last addition to the our family!

We did sneak one trip to the zoo in wit h Auntie Sara and Drew

And while Brayden and Daddy had baseball practice, me and H tagged along to play at the park

And then I thought it was time to try out some curlers.  
(can you tell by her eyes this is when she was sick)